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Digital Tools

Digital tools play a crucial role in modern teaching, enhancing the learning experience and enabling educators to engage students in innovative ways. Here are some categories of digital tools commonly used in teaching:

Learning Management Systems (LMS):

Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classroom: These platforms allow educators to organize and deliver course content, manage assignments, and facilitate communication with students.


                 Moodle                                          Blackboard                              Canvas                                     Google Classroom

Presentation and Visualization Tools:

Canva, Prezi, Sutori, Nearpod, Miro, Tableau Public, Looker Studio, Infogram: These tools help educators create and deliver engaging presentations and lectures.


             Canva                                                Prezi                                     Sutori                                               Nearpod                      


                Miro                                       Tableau Public                            Looker Studio                                           Infogram

Video Conferencing and Webinar Platforms: 

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet: These platforms are essential for remote and hybrid learning, enabling live video sessions and collaboration.


              Zoom                                 Microsoft Teams                          Google Meet

Interactive Whiteboards:

Web Whiteboard, Promethean Board: Interactive whiteboards enable interactive lessons, digital annotations, and engaging activities.


              Web Whiteboard                         Promethean

Educational Software and Apps: 

Kahoot!, Quizlet: These tools gamify learning, making it more engaging and interactive for students.


                  Kahoot!                              Quizlet

Content Creation and Sharing Tools: 

Adobe Creative Cloud, Padlet, Flipgrid: Bu araçlar, çoklu ortam içerikleri oluşturmanıza ve paylaşmanıza olanak tanır.


          Adobe Creative Cloud                           Padlet                              Flipgrid

Assessment and Quiz Tools:

Formative, Socrative, Google Forms: These platforms help educators create and administer quizzes, surveys, and assessments.


                   Formative                             Socrative                             Google Forms

Note-Taking and Organization Tools:

Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Notion: These tools help students and educators organize notes, assignments, and resources.


               Evernote                            Microsoft OneNote                           Notion

Online Collaboration Tools:

Google Docs, Trello: These platforms enable real-time collaboration on documents, projects, and task management.


              Google Docs                            Trello

These digital tools empower educators to personalize learning, facilitate collaboration, and adapt to various teaching modalities, whether in-person, online, or blended. The choice of tools depends on the educational objectives, subject matter, and the preferences of both educators and learners.