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Individual Instructor Trainings and Course Design Collaboration

Individual Instructor Trainings and Course Design Collaboration

A range of specialized teaching and technology integration support options are available from the Coordinationship of Innovative Learning and Teaching-Artificial Intelligence. Individual consultations are provided for IHU faculty members, research assistants, graduate teaching assistants, and instructors.

Teaching Consultations

Both teachers who voluntarily desire to improve their teaching and faculty who are required to do so by their academic units will receive assistance from the Coordinationship of Innovative Learning and Teaching-Artificial Intelligence. Support from CILT-AI may come in the form of one-on-one meetings, in-class observations, or both.

Consultations individually can be given as needed, either once or repeatedly. The consultation process is an ongoing engagement and discovery process that aims to help teachers who want assistance achieve their intended outcomes. The CITL-AI staff will offer the support and resources that are readily accessible, and faculty who need assistance can choose the type and level of consultation that is required. 

The effectiveness and expected results of consultations for teaching improvement and classroom observations will rely on how much time and effort the faculty who request assistance or are referred by their academic units put into the process. 

Potential topics for teaching consultation are;

  • Active Learning Strategies and Active Learning Classrooms
  • Engaging Students in the Classroom
  • Collaborative Learning, Team-Based Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning
  • Innovative assessment strategies
  • Grading Strategies
  • Providing Effective Feedback to Students
  • Active Use of Canvas 
  • Enriching the Lecturers' Syllabus with Digital Tools

All consultations with CILT-AI about teaching improvement are regarded as confidential because it is allowed under IHU policy. The CILT-AI staff will make an effort to preserve everyone's privacy and will not reveal the names of individuals who need assistance. The CILT-AI staff may reveal information for the protection of the University and/or its faculty, staff, and/or students, or to report the development or training of a faculty member to the relevant academic unit. 

Technology Consultations

The Coordinationship of Innovative Learning and Teaching-Artificial Intelligence offers individual consultancy services on integrating technology into teaching. The focus of the consultations and other technology-related services offered by CILT-AI is always on the effectiveness of teaching. Usually a technology consultancy starts by examining the underlying pedagogical need to ensure that the technology meets that need.
Some potential topics for technology consultation are given below:

  • Using Digital Tools (Nearpod, Canvas, Stori etc.) Effectively in the Classroom
  • Implementing and Conducting Online Discussions
  • Integrating Multimedia into Teaching
  • Creating and Sharing Video and MOOC Courses for Teaching
  • Online Process and Outcome Assessment (Testing and Grading)
  • Adapting Course Materials to Online Environment

To arrange individual teaching support contact centre staff or send your request to cilt@ihu.edu.tr via email.

The Center does not offer consultations on productivity tools such as word processing software, databases, email, web design, etc. Faculty who need such services are recommended to review training resources made available by the Department of Information Services.